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Kun Feng , Sara Tashakorinia , Shaunali Shenoy


Intercept Interviews,Interviews at central location, shadowing, On-site observation, 5E analysis, journey mapping;

Oct 2015- Dec 2015

Uniqlo: New to Chicago

Uniqlo shopping experience research


Understanding the human behavior and decision-making process of customers when shopping at Uniqlo. We wanted to try identifying their customer's unmet shopping needs and determine the factors that influence their shopping behavior.

Research & Insights


People have high expectations before coming to Uniqlo Chicago. Either because they have been to Uniqlo in other city and they had seen Uniqlo ads all over the city.
We found that Starbucks is a place where people go to get away from the chaos. It is where a lot of shoppers come to relax and look into what they have selected. Some people tend to leave the items they do not want behind at Starbucks itself creating a mess. Most people expect the Starbucks at Uniqlo to keep the Tokyo vibe that the store has and expect Japanese cuisine but are a bit disappointed upon realizing that it is like any other Starbucks

Islands for people to sit and go through their selected items could increase their chances of continuing to shop

  • Add a Unique Japanese vibe (product) to Starbucks to go with the rest of the store branding (similar IKEA)

  • Small islands in the middle of different floors could make t easier for the shoppers to relax and quickly recuperate while shopping

  • To increase the amount of time they spent in the store. It also increases the chances of them going back and looking at sizes and other clothes when going through their selected item.

  • The Tokyo style Starbucks could be an added attraction bringing more people in and thus increasing Uniqlo’s people reach too.

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