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Future Vision of Driving Experience

Denso, a manufacturer of automotive components and technologies, wants to become the leader in defining how drivers control and interact with the digital, connected technology in their cars. Denso chose to work with us to develop a vision for the future of driving.

Designing the Store of the Future

Client has engaged us to design the lululemon store of the future; a scalable, productive, playful, and guest-centric experience for global markets, with a desire to pilot stores in North America and China in 2023.

Gamified WeChat MiniProgram Design

Burberry is opening an exclusive flagship store in China that offers customers their the best product, also connects and entertains their customer.
WeChat mini-programs are "sub-applications" within the WeChat ecosystem. The program's technical feasibility is highly dependent on what WeChat can offer and also relies heavily on how the client's social CRM systems and content management systems integrate.

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